In my own words about Master Rajendran:

We have built this website in 2006 and I have been managing it since then, since it's almost a decade on web platform we decided to launch our mobile app "Varmakkalai". In order to cater to the needs of the students we launched our app in 2016, as the end-user computing has shifted to mobile over the last 10 years.

I (Jeyaraj Boominathan) happened to become his student in the year of 2005 and since then my life has taken many strides on the positive side, it has been a great privilege to talk about my experience with Aasan Rajendran. I strongly believe that there is connection between myself and him in my previous births too. He is down to earth and gem of a person, who has dedicated more than 50 years to this art. Though we may all think that this is just a martial art for self defense, but that is not true. It has many faces to it like neuro science, spirituality, self-enlightenment and eternal life.

I had several experiences with him which can't be explained in plain words, for the first time in 2006 he asked me to sit on the floor and pressed a point in my head and asked me to stand up by force. When I tried I couldn't and fainted in less than 5 minutes. He retrieved me later, I asked him "You never applied any pressure and was simply holding a point, but how did I faint". He replied that "I used your own force against you". That is my first encounter with him through physical touch. From there it has gone to many such experience which I may not be able to list here. I have always been one of his student who have asked as many questions as I have had the urge to learn about new things and wanted to verify it myself.

Over a period of time I have learned about self through this art, I mean my mental strength and what exactly is human will is all about. Though he has demonstrated this in ZEE (Tamil) TV and stroked 4 people from a distant place of 8 KM from his residence. I volunteered myself to be the test subject for Meitheenakalai across continents as I wanted to feel it myself.

In the year of 2013 I was in USA & Africa and wanted to test myself and find if really a person can be stroked through "Meitheendakalai" from distant place. It is the highest form of Varmakkalai and takes decades to master it. He stroked and made me to fall down from India in just a matter of 2 minutes, this can only be done by someone who can travel through "sootchama payanam"(Video). It started with physical touch in 2005 and in 2013 it has gone really beyond imagination which can't be expressed in words. It has taken these many years for his own student to understand and feel what this art is all about.

"தொட்டு காட்டாத வித்தை சுட்டுப் போட்டாலும் வறாது"

"Thottu kaatadha vithai suttu pottalum varaadhu"

He once quoted the stanza above from an ancient manuscript, what it implies is that you have to feel it yourself else you will not be able to learn this art. How true is that, though I have known him for years but only when I encountered it myself I understood what he meant.