Aasaan Rajendran

Master (Aasaan) Rajendran has been practicing this art for more than 50 years since his childhood and he is a great exponent in this divine art. He is the one who taught this art to the Legendary actor Kamal Hassan in the "INDIAN" in Tamil & "Hindustani" in Hindi directed by Shankar, which became a blockbuster. He has been teaching this many of the students in Madurai (Southern District of Tamilnadu), this art is such divine art which has the capability to cure several diseases. "One good teacher is equal to millions of books", he is such kind of a man.

"One good teacher is equal to million books"

Director Shankar came to know about him by reading one of his books and asked him to compose the stunts in the film "INDIAN" which had Legendary actor Kamal Hassan in the lead role. Post that movie people started hearing and talking about this art. He became popular for the stunts composed by him in the film, many of the guys started claiming to be Varmakkalai Master by seeing the film. This can't be learnt by reading books, most of the masters claim that they know the therapeutic form of this art and they only teach that form. But that is not true, it is must to know the practical form for remedying the patients who are affected by varmam. Request you to go through the song written by Agasthiyar Siddhar in Varma Kannadi who formulated this art.

"அப்பனே வர்மத்தில் அடி பிடி வெட்டு குத்து கற்று பின் வரிசையுடன் வர்ம இளக்கு செய்யே"

"Appanae varmathil adi pidi vettu kuthu katru pin varisayudan pin varma elakku seyyae"


Master Rajendran has incarnated in two places in human form in several occasions and appeared to his students across India & US. This art of incarnating in many places is called in "Parakayapravesam" or "Sootchama payanam". Which is an ability that can only be achieved by practicing Meitheendalkkalai & Nokkuvarmam.

Articles & TV Shows about Master Rajendran

An article named "Martial art with a healing touch" has been published in "The Hindu" dated April 28 2003.
An article named "Kamal's Killer Touch" has been published in "The Week" dated December 15 1996.
An article named "TN martial art as cure for nerve disorders" has been published in "Deccan Chronicle" dated June 19 2005.
An article named "Call to teach Varmakkalai in schools and colleges" has been published in "The New Indian Express" dated May 23 1999.
An article named "Hindustani Highlights Corruption" has been published in "Competition Success Review" dated October 1996.
Also article has been published in "Dhinakaran" for about 7 years with the title "Varam Oru Varmam" in Madurai. Where master has explained about one varmam for each week.
There are numerous other articles have been published in various local dailies and magazines like Dhinamalar, Dhinakaran, Dailythanthi, Thinamani, Thinaboomi, Champion, Kalki, Kunkumam, Nakkeeran, Devi etc ....

Live Demo of Varmakkalai & Meitheendakkalai on Zee TV

For the first time in history we demonstrated Nokkuvarmam & Meitheendakkalai in ZEE TV (Tamil) on 18/12/2011 and telecasted between 30/01/2012 to 2/02/2012. More details are available in www.nokkuvarmam.in

Documentary Film "Varmakkalai A Wonderful Art" about Master & Varmakkalai

After the release of the "INDIAN" or "HINDUSTANI" film, director named Jayashree from the "Film Division" belonging to "Ministry of Information & Broadcasting" who was researching about this art went to Kerala to get more information. As they couldn't prove it with solid evidence about the origin, who is the first guru. She went to Nagerkoil, Kanyakumari and other places and collected a van full of books. She was not satisfied with the evidence about this art. She approached director Shankar and collected information about Master Rajendran. Following are the valid evidence given by Master to prove that this art originated in Tamil Nadu. Since adjacent state Kerala has got lot of coconut trees and worker who climb those trees get wounded when they get slipped from them, they have learned this art for treating those victims. Thiruvancore King who was much interested in this art has developed it. This art is not pertaining to any religion or caste as it is portrayed by some people. This was given by Siddhars for the goodness of the humanity. He performed in the documentary film named "VARMAKKALAI A WONDERFUL ART" along with 20 students. It was shot at 12/9/2001 and telecasted on 48 countries at 01/04/2003.

Books written by Master Rajendran
  • 1. Varmakkalai (Pudhumaiyana Tharkappu Muraigal)
  • 2. Thodu Varmam 96 Ragasiya Muraigalum
  • 3. Nokku Varmam (Meitheendakalai)
  • 4. Maranavidhi Varmam
  • 5. Pidivarmam